One band, several ways to make your next event awesome! Click one of these links to hear the sound of your party.

Our Story

     Woodie and the Longboards is one of the most in demand cover acts in the country. Performing a variety of hit music from the 50’s to the 80’s “Woodie” has kept all of their clients happy by providing the most professional music with a highly interactive and entertaining show.

The client can choose from these musical formats:

Woodie and the Longboards-(Beach Boys Tribute) rated number 1 in America today by…get ready to limbo down

Heartache Tonight-(Eagles Tribute) is a two hour tribute to one of America’s best loved bands. 5 part harmonies, 3 part guitars…

The Hard Day's Knights-(Beatles Tribute) all of your favorites from the Fab Four... 

Oldies Tribute- Gigmaster’s highest rated oldies band in the nation

Classic Rock- Playing acts others can’t like Queen, Foreigner, Journey, and Boston to name just a few.

That 70’s Band- Disco, Classic Rock, Novelty Tunes…Polyester, platform shoes, afro’s…dance off!!

California Tribute- combining The Beach Boys, The Eagles, Journey, and other iconic California acts can make your California based event even more memorable.

Woodie’s British Invasion- A comedic show featuring the music and styles of the British Invasion

Or mix them all, we have over twelve hours of music to pull from.

We have played for major corporations and trade associations (Like Google, Charles Schwab, The National Chamber of Commerce, Philips Corp, The Weather Channel, Kaiser, Lucas Oil, National Bankers Association… to name a few), small intimate gatherings, city and corporate functions, resorts, casinos… and everybody loves Woodie and the Longboards

Woodie and the Longboards was begun in 2002 by John “Woodie” Keating. Having just left a position as frontman for a Disney house band, John assembled musicians he had enjoyed working with over the years to focus on performing music from the 60’s and 70’s. This gave rise to “That 70’s Band” and “That 60’s Band”. An agent from the Pacific Northwest asked if we had a more “beachy” sounding name that he could use to book us as a Beach Boys Tribute for an Oregon Casino. John quickly decided on Woodie and the Longboards, we played Oregon, and have never looked back. Since that time we have performed Beach Party themed shows for a variety of clients across the country, but still perform mostly in Southern California. The Longboards have changed every so often (you can see it in our pictures), always leaving on great terms, always because of the travel commitments of the band. Below you will find a brief bio on each current member.

John (Woodie) Keating is the founding member and manager of the group. In addition to leading the Longboards, John is also a fifth grade teacher in California. He plays guitar, keyboards, sings and is the frontman for the group. He has been a professional musician his entire adult life and has played just about everywhere. If you need help setting up your event, give him a call.                                                                                      

                                    The Longboards are:

Jude Wright- our Keyboard player is a fantastic vocalist and is also a master of the guitar-viol (a bowed guitar). Check it out his album by clicking here! 

Andy Young- plays keyboards and guitar. A great bass vocalist, Andy often sings the Mike Love parts on Beach Boys songs.

Joe Manchego- our bass player is a phenomenal singer having toured with just about every one hit wonder from the 50's and 60's.

Ricky Cosentino- formerly toured with War and Ambrosia, Ricky is a tremendous singer as well as drummer.